Fahai Temple | 法海禅寺

Opening hrs: 09:00-16:30

Closed on Mondays

Scheduled guided tours are available in Chinese, and I believe English speaking guide can be booked in advance for a group of visitors.

Guided tour schedules: 09:40, 11:40, 11:40,12:50,13:50,14:50,15:50

20 RMB per person, additional 100 RMB required if visiting Frescoes

Tel: 010-8871 3976

Two white-barked pines which are over 1000 yeas old

Frescoes from the Ming dynasty

Summer Palace


Long Corridor (长廊)

This 728 m long corridor is famous for its 14,000 paintings, first erected in the middle of the 18th century. The artwork was painted on the beams and the ceiling, which depict…

Long Corridor